Friday, 30 December 2011 = Scam

UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION UNIT/ ZENITH BANK PLC. UNITED NATIONS LIASION OFFICE WIRE TRANSFER/AUDIT UNIT Our Ref: UN/ZBPLC/COMPAY072 Attention:Dear Sir/ma, Following recent meeting held amongst the UNITED NATIONS/WORLD BANK ORGANIZATION which just ended few days ago, it has been agreed upon by both organizations that a compensation funds value US$850,000.00 should be paid out to all foreign contaractors&individuals who have been scammed in the past. This includes all people who were at a time involved in transactions such as contract/Inheritance/Lottery Payment which failed in the past due to government problems e.t.c... Your E-mail Address was enlisted amongst 5 million E-mails selected for a draw via an E-mail ballot system, and that is why you are chosen amongst the beneficiaries entitled to receive compensation payment at the END-OF-THE-YEAR compensation program organized by the UN/WORLD BANK ORGANIZATION in the bid to compensate scammed victims around the world. However, I'm glad to inform you that an ATM Visa Card Number; 4120 5350 0007 4999 has been approved and reserved in your favor with the Zenith Bank Plc. Meanwhile, your secret PIN number will be released to you by the bank immediately after confirming delivery of your card to your door-step, this is for security reasons OK?. You are hereby advised to contact the Director, ATM Card Remittance Dept. at the below address for your payment: Contact Person: Mr. Valentine Smith E-mail: Tel: +2347035578881. You are advised to contact the above person with the following details for processing: 1) YOUR FULL NAME(S): 2) FULL ADDRESS, CITY, STATE AND COUNTRY: 3) DIRECT HOME/MOBILE PHONE AND FAX: 4) COMPANY NAME, POSITION AND ADDRESS (IF ANY): 5) PROFESSION, AGE, AND MARITAL STATUS: 6) A COPY OF YOUR INT'L PASSPORT/DRIVERS LICENSE: Note: Your personal code of conduct with the Zenith Bank Plc is: (ZBPLC 702), you are to include this code while contacting them, so they will know that we directed you to contact them in regards to your payment claims. Congratulations, and We look forward to hearing from you once you successfully received your funds. Regards, Ms. Valerie Amos. The Under-Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator, United Nations.

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