Saturday, 24 December 2011 = Scam

Los Angeles International Airport custom net work Los Ageles USA. Email. Quality Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarding and NVOCC Services in Los Angeles Customs Clearance ... helping importers adhere to the doctrine of reasonable care Valuation Classification Delivery (on-carriage) Customs Law International Freight Forwarding ... helping exporters procure and retain overseas business Export Regulations and Destination Country Documents international Carriage Documents Support Services for Export Operations Methods of Payment for International Transactions Attention Having reviewed all clearing matters pertaining to the above Boxed-consignment, which you were requested to come up with the required clearing charges and for fact that the DELIVERY have inspected free of illegal shipment on the normal clearing time frame, we have resolved to release the Two Cosingment Boxes to you today provided you pay for the Post Yellow Tag charge of $85 to release your delivery agent today. And we informing you to work with your delivery agent in person of Mr. TERRY WHITE to secure the needed Benin customs clearing certificate Post Clearance Audit (PCA), send the cost immediately with the details given to you by your agent in reconfirmation as below RCEIVER NAME....MR.Basil Mbanefor, COUNTRY .......... BENIN REPUBLIC CITY ....................... COTONOU TEXT QUESTION ........GLORY BE TEXT ANSWERE ........ TO GOD AMOUNT..................$85.00 USD SENDER NAME MTCN Please send us the information for sending the fee as soon as you wire the fee so that we can document it for security purpose. Shipment detail:-Shipment...Two boxes of Boxed-consignment Color... Metallic Weight...35 kg each boxDate of arrival in U.s.a … 05/09/2011Air port…Hartsfield –Jackson Thanks Mr.Donald Awele Valuation Classification Delivery (on-carriage) Customs Law cc.International Diplomatic Dispatch Officer cc.Benin custom cc.TERRY WHITE

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