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This is to inform you that we have tried calling you several times on the telephone number you forwarded to us, but couldn’t get hold on you. Well, we wish to inform you that we are still expecting to hear from you based on the required insurance and delivery charges to enable us dispatch your ATM card to you immediately.

Be informed that we have only three working days to dispatch your ATM card to you as instructed by the management of the Central Bank of Nigeria, so I advice you to hurry up and offset the charges. Moreover, it is compulsory that we must have to insure your ATM card before delivery, because we don’t want to bear the responsibility of any lost of ATM cards as we must have to insure it by Nicon Insurance Corporation here in Nigeria before delivery will be made and it is also necessary that you have to provide the shipment fee through USPS Courier Service it is our method in which we have been operating.

In receipt of your payment, we will ship your ATM card to you and also send to you via e-mail attachment the USPS delivery receipt with the tracking number that will enable you to track it through the USPS website to verify when your ATM card will arrive to your designated address as you have forwarded to us.

Lastly, you can verify by tracking through the USPS website of our United States beneficiaries that have received his own ATM card. You can track it to verify by yourself as to clarify you properly. Below is the tracking numbers.


In view of the development, you are requested to immediately offset the insurance fee of US$95 and delivery charges of US$50 for USPS delivery. Be informed that immediately we receive the insurance and delivery fee, we will send to you the shipment receipt and the tracking number to enable you track your ATM card online to know when it will arrive to your designated address.

Below is our dispatchers information on how to send the insurance and delivery fee through western union money transfer or money-gram.

Receiver Name:.......... Emeka Mathew
Receiver Address:....... Lagos Nigeria
Text question:............. code
Text answer:............... 1977
Amount to send:.......... US$145

Sender Name:
Sender Address:
MTCN or Reference No:

Send the MTCN or reference number to this office immediately you are through to enable our dispatch man to pick it up. And also inform this office your preferable time of visitation for the signing of the certificate when the dispatcher arrive to your place. As you know that the delivery fee receipt will be used to attach on your payment delivery documents to avoid being delay by the customs.

Treat very urgently as we also remind you again that you're ATM card is ready and we have only three working days to dispatch your ATM card. Please confirm the receipt of this mail and get back to this office accordingly.

Thanks and we look forward hearing from you.

Mr. Mike Ben
Director Swift card consultant
Tel: +2347081081103

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