Friday, 26 July 2013 = Scam

I am Reverend Sean Hanafin from the St John’s Church I am writing to you
today on a serious issue that will be of interest to you.
A confession was made early yesterday in my church by Mr. Smith Fogger;
who was rushed in by members of the St John’s Church ushers committee, he
made this confession during our church convention program in East Bourn
united kingdom, Mr. Smith Fogger made confessions on how he has sinned,
how he has cursed terrible pain in the life of many brothers and sisters,
he made confessions on how he has wrecked many families, Mr. Smith Fogger
confessed that he has been using online internet databases to steal
victims' identities.
"Once acquired, he allegedly uses the victims' information to gain access
to the victims' 'Home Equity Line of Credit' accounts and wire transfer
the money to accounts mainly located overseas, some in the United States."
He owned record labels and he lived the high life of luxury hotels,
gambling, strippers, and blinks. But behind the glitz and the glamour Mr.
Smith was one of the FBI's most wanted men; he was a fraudster who scammed
$69 million through cyber crimes. Mr. Smith Fogger was also charged with
conspiracy to commit bank fraud and how he came out clean was unknown till
this day.
He confessed to have started this when he was 28 years old and now he is
67 years of age, Mr. Smith came from a family of two as he was the first
son of his father he had a little sister.
Mr. Smith Fogger confessed he started crime when he lost both his parents
to a ghastly motor accident he was only 9years old and was alone in the
world to carter for his kid sister, he was driving out of his father’s
house to the streets by his uncles, who has always hated his father
because of his success, his only sister was diagnosed of cancer and he
couldn’t get money for hospital bills, he started hard drugs sales, to
cut the story short he faced suffering before he met with a friend that
got him into fraud lent act.
He sent Fake mails with fake identities Lottery Winners, Loan lenders,
Charity Offers, Business Proposals and many other fake emails, he has been
living in sin for several years, he has taken funds from many people
through cyber crime and he has made so much money online and in drugs, he
regrets every act he has taken. Right now Mr. Smith Fogger cries for mercy
and forgiveness, He made a vow to God that he was going to return every
dine he has taking from people so that God could grant him healing, though
he said that he might not meet all the people he scammed but the ones he
meet he will show them how sorry he is and beg for their forgiveness, his
illness is a serious one. Right now as I speak to you he is been
transferred to India, Mr. Smith Fogger and his only sister needs your
prayers and forgiveness in other to get well quickly, whether or not we
like it we must mess things up, life is a lesson learned from, everything
that transpire today in life has a purpose, even the air we breathe,
please my dear forgiveness comes from the heart and it helps us grow in
Mr. Smith Fogger provided your email contact that he has cursed you pain
and taken money from you that is why you were contacted by me today. Dear
I want you to contact me with amount of money that was taken from you and
the date and year it took place, explain briefly in a short note how you
were scammed.
This mail you have received is from the Head Authority of St. John’s
church, this days because of the cyber crime rates it is very hard to
believe any mails that comes from the internet you can trust, contact me
for further more ( if you would like to speak with me
privately feel free to contact my personal email
( Thanks and God blessing be with you.
Reverend Father Sean Hanafin

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