Saturday, 27 July 2013 = Scam

Kumar Evelyn Spiro-Landos
United Nations Refugees protection Centre
South Africa
Re: Asset Safeguard and Investment

With all due respect and absolute sincerity, please do kindly permit me to make you a short term and long terms business propositions that will profoundly improve your financial capacity considering that recently everyone is experiencing the negative effects of harsh global economic meltdown.
Without prejudice considering the volume of false, abusive and surreal business letters circulating the internet in recent times, I ask that you kindly give keen attention to this genuine business offer that I am presenting to you. Without wasting much of your time, my name is Kumar Evelyn Spiro-Landos, wife of the Late Peter Spiro-Landos, a vegetable farmer of Greek descent, supplying vegetables to the British Market in Zimbabwe before the unprecedented mad crackdown on white farmers by the Robert Mugabe led militia-democratic Junta in the year 2000.
You are receiving this email letter from my family because of a genuine burning desire to engage you in a business relationship. I am presenting to you a legitimate, risk-free, Zero investment offer which I am definitely optimistic that you will find worthwhile and also which your participation will not be a regrettable waste.
My late husband was a victim of a Mugabe led government instigated assassination , what is politically called a pogrom which took place on white farmers after the confiscation of landed properties, farms, industrial machinery and more. It was a perilous time for the rest of the family but I managed through the aid of the United Nations Peace operations, to escape to nearby South Africa with my children where we have been living under the United Nations refugee programs. He died a few months after being hospitalized due to the attack. During the attack, a member of the Mugabe Militia was accidentally killed when my late husband fired a shot in an act of self defense. The mob violently descended on him inflicting untold injuries in a provocatively brutal sadistic manner.
A particular piece of land belonging to our family situated in Marange the Zimbabwe East area where red diamonds were discovered was not disclosed to the Mugabe militias during the period of the attacks. We held this information a guarded family secret known only to my immediate family members and our family lawyer Mr. Phumlani Shongwe until this present day. Through the facilitation of our family attorney who is also from Zimbabwe, we have successfully managed to sell the landed property and mining rights to Southern Minerals, a Chinese mining company for the sum of USDOLLARS-7(Seven)Mill.
The main reason why we are contacting you is to propose to you the service of our overseas representative and our foreign beneficiary. Your primary role shall be to receive this funds assets in your overseas account and your secondary role shall also be to assist us in identifying viable business opportunities in your country, helping to secure same funds in the future business and monitoring/managing the investment for a period of 5 calendar years. For this service, we are willing to compensate you with 20% of the total funds firstly for the primary roles of receiving the funds overseas and also for the secondary role of investing the funds and managing the investment in your country; we are offering 30% of all yearly profits that shall be realized in the investment portfolio.
Please if you find this offer interesting, kindly reply this email to reestablish contact with us ensuring that you provide sufficient contact details which will include but not limited to your mobile phone number and private email address to enable the attorney contact you in furtherance of this cause. The rest of my family are still political refugees under a special United Nations refugees protection in South Africa and being originally white Zimbabwe citizens (although we have denounced the citizenship prior to refugee protection in South Africa), we demand utmost secrecy in this project as Mugabe is a huge threat to white Zimbabwean. Valuable documents, Identities and other useful information to aid your decision making shall be provided to you subsequently in pursuant of this cause.
Find below, associated online links and evidence relating to the subject matter above.
As you can see from the internet link below, my picture holding my late husband before he passed away, same picture you shall recognize on my identity document. As I said previously, I still repeat that this business offer is absolutely real, 100% risk free and of Zero investment. If you need further information about this matter, you can visit
My attorney, who has currently arrived in South Africa for this project, awaits your email reply immediately. Please do kindly follow up your reply with a phone call to him for further discussion of the matter above at the phone number +27- 848916363 or Email: . He is fully aware of the history of the funds and the project and also understands the confidentiality restrictions hence feel free to enter into detailed discussions with him for further guidelines.

Your's sincerely.
Kumar Evelyn Spiro-Landos

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