Saturday, 27 July 2013 = Scam


I am the Minister for Information Mahama Ayariga.

And as the Information Minister, I got an info that a certain refugee here
in our refugee camp named you as the rightful beneficiary of his fund
($40mUSD) before his illness but the funds were never delivered to you
properly and then a Banker has used your Millions of Dollars to Buy Gold
Company and Hotel here in Accra Ghana South District. In this case, the
Banker has been arrested and prosecuted at the High Court of Justice here
in Accra Ghana.

The Government has authorized me as the minister for Information to inform
you about the present situation, and to also inform you to either Come to
Ghana, or we are to make Change of Ownership of the Company and the Hotel
to your own Name, to ensure the Company is legally Handed Over to you, or
you can inform me on what to do, either to sell the Company and the Hotel
so i can Transfer you the Fund through Bank here in Accra Ghana West

Thanks for your Understanding. Hope to hear from you soon and please i
urge you to help out, looking forward to working with you.

Mahama Ayariga
Minister for Information & Media Relations
Accra Ghana
E-mail -

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