Tuesday, 30 July 2013

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24 Brunswick Square
Brindleyplace, Birmingham B1 2HW,
London, UK

Our Ref:- IMF/LUK/EBP/3290/21

Attn: Approved Beneficiary: Payment File Ref: IMF/CB/GH-0932

We as the global financial watchdog do observe and disrupt illegal
transfers and terrorist finance networks all over the world. Base on the
financial system that exists today, our operation has involved a wider
variety of financial surveillance investigating and targeting a wide
variety of financial systems that may be used by terrorists to raise and
move funds globally. The sheer volume of capital transfers that regularly
take place daily, (more than a trillion US Dollars a day) made tracing of
terrorist funds an exquisitely difficult task. Legitimate daily financial
transfers are the bedrock of what we know as globalization. Our
surveillance has unveiled several systems including illegal enterprises
(such as fraud schemes and illegal remittance networks) , legitimate
enterprises (such as businesses being used to co-mingle illicit funds with
legitimate funds) and charity/relief organizations (in which donations may
be diverted to terrorist groups).

In conjunction with United States Intelligence Agency, Investigative Arm
of World Bank, Economic Police and Financial Action Task Force, one of the
tools that were instructed to us to apply and prevent terrorism is to
ascertain the source of fund, the fund origin as genuine and legitimate
before final remittance. Our sixty (60) days intensive surveillance paid
off last two weekends with the discovery of funds stashed away in a bank
Europe (name withheld) by the officials of African Government in charge of
foreign payments. The funds which run into billions of dollars are meant
for foreign beneficiaries. However, the said fund/account has been frozen
since then for proper scrutiny. I am happy to inform you that this morning
we received the nod of concerned global financial agencies to defreeze the
account and use the funds to offset all due approved entitlements of which
your fund has been listed as one of the approved payments to be released
though we were directed to verify all due payments.

In view of the above, you are directed to send your full personal and
payment information. Above all, it is very important to inform you at this
point that the release of the payment is solely by direct bank transfer
(bank to bank) . Once we receive your full information as requested and
your direct bank account where you want the funds to be transferred after
vetting, we will instruct the bank to effect the release of your payment
with immediate effect.

We are expecting your response and looking forward to receive the
information as requested above.

Yours Truly,

Festus Carr.
Director General Economic Budget & Planning
IMF European/African Program Assistance Center London UK.

N/B: This message is strictly for the addressee, no third party
representation or disclosures.

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