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My name is James Martins newly posted to Nigeria from the international
monetary fund United Kingdom to monitor the fraudulent activities of some
of the officials at the Central Bank of Nigeria and our United Kingdom
office, I have been directed to observe the payment of foreign
beneficiaries of contract/inheritance claim fund.

I observed a floating payment in your name here but the payment was
designated to:

Bank Name:UBS SA Bank Address:CASE POSTALE 2600.1211
account No. USD:777180.60G Clearing:0240 Bank S W I F
T-BIC:UBSWCHZH80A Iban :CH26 0024 0240 7771 8060G

I decided to contact you because I observed that there is a power of
attorney in your file authorizing the transfer of this fund to a
Switzerland bank account but the signature in the power of attorney is
different from the signature in your file which is suspected to be an
illegal attempt to divert the fund to an account in.

Switzerland. please confirm if you have authorized the transfer of this
fund to the Switzerland Bank account as we have authorization to transfer
fund to all beneficiaries of fund discounting all charge attached from the

If you have authorized your fund transferred to the above stated bank
account, please contact me urgently.

Best Regards,

Mr. James Martins
Director of Debt Management.
IMF Team.


Greetings to you,

I am Rt. Rev. Father Mark Ferdinand, a senior staff with the World Bank fact finding & special duties office. I am writing you this letter because cool penny is better than million of dollars. It is better for one to live and die poor honest man than a rich dishonest one. The Chief security officer (CSO) of this organization and I have arranged with an officer in computer section, engineer Peter Cliff has agreed to bring out part of your total sum amounting to US$5Million, why we did this is because according to information gathered from the banks/security computer, you have been waiting for a long time to receive your money without success. As I found out that you have almost met all the statutory requirements in respect of your fund settlement. Your problem is that of interest groups. A lot of people are interested in your payment and those people are merely doing papers works with you and that is why you receive messages from different people every day. Also we found out that some of the officials of the parasitals have been extorting a lot of money from you with the pretext of helping you to receive your money. I can assure you that this may last for years yet nothing happens, if you do not do away with those officers you call your partners, and for security reasons. Do not tell anybody that you have your money until you receive cash at your doorstep.

The money is in two security proof boxes weighing 110kg each, which is 220kg for the two boxes. We went to four courier companies to make arrangements on how to ship them by courier to you, we went to DHL, FEDEX, IAS, UPS, and all said that they must open the boxes for inspection by the customs before shipment. This is something we want to avoid because the boxes were padded with synthetic nylon and to open them you have to cut the pad before you will meet the buttons that you will press to open the dial code-lock. There is no way you can open the boxes and be able to close them again because they were padded with machine. We told the courier services that the boxes contained film materials and when open will spoil the materials. We did not declare money because couriers do not carry money. Today a friend of mine who is diplomat disclosed to me that there is courier service they use to send diplomatic material and information from one country to another. It has diplomatic immunity and cannot check by any customs any where in the World. The name of the courier service is Oxford Security Service (GSS) I will meet them as soon as I have your go ahead order. The Diplomat will help me to get immunity papers, so we do not have any problem. We have concluded that you must compensate us with five hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$500.000.00)as soon as you receive your money to this effect, you will send to us a promissory note for five hundred thousand united States Dollars (US$500.000.00) along with your identification and address for sending the boxes by courier, Please maintain top most secrecy as it may cause a lot of problem if found out that we are using this way to help you. Do not ever tell anybody about this until you have your money.

I want to help you because something in me is telling me that you are an honest person when we concluded this and you send our promise. We will help to ship the final part of your money to you. Be blessed as we wait for your urgent reply. For security reason please reply to (

Yours faithfully,

Rt. Rev. Father Mark Ferdinand
Chairman, Fact-Finding & Special Duties Office

Our ref: SNT/FRN/09
Your ref: ATM/OL.T/0078

Following the instructions / mandate given to us by the United Nations in
conjunction with the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.)and Federal Bureau
of Investigation (F.B.I.).

This is to officially inform you that an ATM CARD worth Six Million Three
Hundred United States Dollars ($6.3MILLION USD) has been accredited in your
favor.Your Personal Identification Number is 2911. Contact the Verification

Name:Dr. Miller Wilson

Full Name:
Delivery Address:

Best Regards,
Financial Payment Committee

Hello Dear,

This is a personal email directed to you. I am Dave Dawes, I and my fiancé
won a Jackpot Lottery of 101 million pounds ($156 million) in October
2011, my fiancé and I and the Lottery board have decided to make sure this
is put on the Internet for the world to see.

You see, after taking care of the needs of our immediate family members
and friends, and have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of 1 million
pounds ($1.56 million) to you for you to help us on a charity project in
your area to improve helpless people and also building of churches and

If you have received this email, please kindly follow the instruction
which is to make sure it is used for charity work as we shall visit your
area very soon to see how the work is going and to make physical
introductions with God's family in your area. So all you have to do now is
to get back to us with your NAME, ADDRESS, A COPY OF YOUR PASSPORT and
CONTACT NUMBER so that we can send your details to the payout courier.

You can verify this by visiting the web pages below:

Mr. Dave Dawes

Amiral Asset Management Ltd. (RC No. 2453460)
12 Dudley St, Grimsby
North East Lincolnshire
DN31 2AB. London. UK.

We are an Investment Research Company and have worked on this approach
for decades; our excellent services in this industry have earned us
prestigious recognition both from the private and public sectors in the

Presently, one of our clients (Investors) confided in me to find a
lucrative sector abroad for a direct capital investment.
In this view, I write to seek your assistance to explore investment
opportunities in your country in order to invest this fund for this
particular client.

I write you personally because I want to carry out this transaction
personally with you, I will give you the details of the transaction and
where the fund is currently kept in the United Kingdom as soon as I get
a positive response from you.

Thank you as I am waiting for your positive response.
You can reply me on

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Dale Regan

Good Day,

We are a diplomatic courier service, we are located in Rome, Italy and we have a package/Entitlement in our possession that is supposed to be delivered to you, this is not an order you made, this obviously is a delivery that concerns a highly valuable document and family precious items. Note that we are a transit point and all we can see on our system is that this package is coming from a European financial institution; purpose is unknown to us as we are just meant to ensure we deliver safely your sealed box which contains highly valuable document and family precious items.

The package we have for you is a box that has a security code which without the code, the box cannot be opened. The code to open the box is only to be given to you as you are the recipient.
If you want us to deliver your package to you in your country, you will have to pay for our diplomatic seal which will enable us transport the package to your country, and this will cost you €175.

Send me a date you want us to book an appointment with us for delivery/pickup and a copy of your identity so that we can check for availability. Without a confirmed booking, we cannot deliver to you, take note of this fact and payment for delivery must be paid before booking can commence.
You are expected to locate the nearest WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER AGENT to make payment of €175 (for the delivery and diplomatic seal cost) to our account officer whose details are stated below:

Receiver: Mike Tioti (Surname Tioti)
Address: Via Dei Mille 59,Rome 00185.,Italy
Amount: €175


To pay online with a credit card, please visit and go to SEND MONEY ONLINE.
OR To find an agent close to you to make payment, go to: and CLICK ON FIND LOCATION.
It might also interest you to know that, when you visit a western union agent location to make payment, incase you are asked for purpose of sending, tell them it is for personal use. Western union is not our affiliate and as such, they are not to be given any details regarding your package or ask anything relating to your delivery as they are not a legal office to attend to your queries.
Take note that this payment has to be made before we can send our diplomat out to deliver to your designated address.

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Best Regards.

Siro Greco.
For: John Orsato.
(Delivery Sup. Agenzia)

Dear Sir.

Thanks for your swift respond to my previous email , I really appreciate your co-operation and understanding regarding this business transaction which I need your personal assistant, and I want you to understand that this business transaction should be a (TOP SECRET) between me and you, due to my personal status as a retired Four Star General of the United State Army Force.

My funds was secured under the (United Nation Delivery Company in Kabul Afghanistan) as a (FAMILY TREASURE) to avoid any body around me to know what are the content inside my consignment trunk box, and all necessary arrangement has been concluded with the UN director in Kabul Afghanistan.

On how they will convey my consignment trunk box out from Kabul Afghanistan with their Diplomatic Humanity and some (Medical Aids) facilities to their region office somewhere around Middle East region where they will disclose to me later before they will finally Stop at Syria Damascus.

Furthermore before we proceed on this business transaction, I will like you to kindly send me all your personal details required below, to enable the United Nation Delivery Office to start the paper work with your name as the new beneficiary of my consignment box on my behalf.


After receiving all this information’s details from you, I will forward it to the (United Nation Delivery Company Head Office London) for them to start the preparation of the shipment facilitation document with your name as the new beneficiary of my consignment on my behalf.

To remind you again I am offering you 35% from the total amount of ($5.5 million United State Dollars) for yours co-operation and anticipate and my own share will be invested under your care in your country as a partner and I want you to look for any good and profitable business that will benefit both of us greatly there in your country, noted that this business transaction is a risk free and I will guide you in every process.

Best Regards.

Gen Schoomaker Jan Peter (RET).

I thank you very much for your prompt response to my offer to this
problem that i,m faceting now,since you have it in mind to help me out ,
may God keeping on gild you and your family.
that I contacted you in this transaction legitimate after fasting and
several prayers to God Almighty to direct me to someone who does this
champion, confidentiality utmost sincerity, maturity and is urgently

My present condition sounds so unbelievable but it is
through, I am entrusting my hard earned fund under your care, My family and
I are now in the rural area and the consignment is with the logistic
delivery company. All I demanded is your assistance to help me to convey
this fund to your country.

I have paid them all the charges the requested here and the balance would be paid as soon as they arrived in
your country. Please our present condition is deteriorating.

Please kindly forward me your details to enable me forward to them for onward
delivery through logistic delivery company. Once I receive your details
I shall issue you an agreement which will guide us on sharing the fund and also the deposit papers, for
Proper Identification .

Your name:
Phone number:
Fax Number:
Postal address:
Nearest Airport:

Thank you and God bless.
Yayi Farotey

Good day my dear Friend,
My name is Sergeant Donald Johnson, a US Army serving in the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq. Now in Afghanistan I want you to kindly read this mail carefully to your understanding.
In 2003, my Men and I found over $900 Million US Dollar in Saddam Hussein's hideout in Baghdad, we sent some back to the Iraq Government after counting it in a Classified Location, but we also kept some behind for ourselves. Some of the money we shared among ourselves worth over $200 Million, I kept my own share for a while in a Secured Place. I’m only contacting you because, I need someone to help me receive the Funds, since I have found a secured way of getting the package out of Iraq for someone to pick up through the help of a Red Cross Society or pilots that enjoy some immunities with us while in Iraq.
I do not know how long I will remain here as my Mission is still uncompleted yet, but I know this was Pure Divine Intervention from God.
Understand that, I really need someone I could trust, since i have already lost a Box of Gold to someone in Europe who said he will help me out. I won't like to make the same mistake again; the total amount of money is $7.5 (Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). I am willing to entrust this Funds in your care until i complete my Mission and come over to meet with you for subsequent sharing and investment projects.

If you can handle this deal, kindly contact me via: Email. ( immediately. Be informed that 20% of the total Funds will be for you as compensation, all you need to do is to find a Safe Place where you can keep the Box till I leave Afghanistan.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Best regards,
Sgt Donald Johnson

Atten Beneficially,

This is your first Payment of $5000 usd register today, So kindly
reconfirm as, Your Receiver Name, Your Address, and your telhopen
number, your text Question and Answer your Age to the office For your
approval payment of $4.5Million sign to release immediately to you,
Contact Western union Office immediately.

Name: Mr.Robert David.
TEL: +229-68-80-90-33
E-mail ( )

Your western union, maximum amount receiving each day From tomorrow is
$5000.00 daily until the funds complete Transferred. Once we receive
info. the transfer will commence.

Best Regards
Robert David

Good day
An inquest by my bank (IFC) conducted on inactive/dormant account, revealed that you are a potential beneficiary to an unclaimed sum

The similarity in your name and email ( ) makes it possible for us to liquidate the deceased account in your favour. Please contact me via: so we can discuss how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Harry Cole


My name is Ahmed Salem and this is an urgent contract invitation from Iraq.

My benefactor, the vice president at the American controlled Iraq government has mandated me to seek for your cooperation in a multi million dollars worth of supply contract on Building/Medical/Textile and General Ship equipments chemicals etc agricultural produce, general items etc, electrical equipment and appliances, cables etc.

If you can assist us, then kindly contact me via My personal email: for detailed discussion.

As soon as we receive those, I shall get back to you with all details exclusively.

Note that all payments would be made 100% upfront.


Ahmed Salem

Harry Cole

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