Thursday, 28 March 2013


Ref: FrBOG-739-092

Unclaimed Winnings:

You have emerged a winner in the FREEBALL LOTTERY ONLINE GAMES held on
28th Febuary 2013 in Paris, France. You are entitled to €2,360,238 Euro.

Here are the details of your winnings ticket.

Ticket Number: EX-920-A6M
Ballot Number: B1
Zone: International Lottery Sweepstakes

Selection: Allotment of ticket to email address pulled from submitted
lists by MSN, Google, Yahoo and other web email services.

Purpose: The purpose and aim of the selection is to enlighten the world
about our upcoming expansion. The Lottery is expanding its base and this
is a sensitization promo aimed at entering the competitive gaming system
based worldwide.

Due to reasons best known to you, you never claimed this funds. This is
the last and final attempt to contact you. Failure to respond would mean
you forfeit your winnings.
Your funds would be transferred to you via swift telegraphic transfer or a
cheque will be forwarded to you via DHL.

Mrs Carol Gates.
Lottery Coordinator.

Note: You are receiving the message because the system has not officially
cleared your funds for transfer to your account, it is still showing
pending full payment, so please contact the claims manager via the email
below to conclude your claims.

Contact Person:
Mrs Carol Gate
Zonal lottery coordinator

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