Sunday, 23 November 2014 = Scam

“Mystery Shoppers” OR “Secret shoppers” are hired to pose as

customers and to anonymously evaluate the service they receive from a

given business or an organization.

Mystery shoppers normally get paid between $200 per assigment.

They are expected to complete their mystery shopping assignment and

fill out an evaluation form, answering questions about their shopping

experience in the establishment, the quality of customer service, etc.

To start earning money immediate, reply this email with the following

information below to sign up : contact email Sad )

Personal Information:

Email Address:

Full Name (First, Middle, Last) :

Phone (Home & Cell) :

Full Address (Not POBOX):

City, State, Country :

Zip Code :

Gender & Age :

Occupation :

Thanks for responding, We will wait for your full details .


Candidate Recruitment Team

Secret Shopper®

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