Sunday, 23 November 2014 = Scam

From the Desk of Kenneth Coleman.

Attention : SIR/MADAM.

I presumed that all is well with you and your family. I got your contact information from an international directory a few weeks ago before I decided to contact you on this lucrative transaction for our mutual financial benefit. Moreover, I have laid all solemn trust in you before I decided to disclose this confidential transaction to you.

My name is Kenneth Coleman, a staff of one of the leading banks in Malaysia. I have a very confidential business proposal for you. On July 15th 2009, Late Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, the late son of Mouamar Al Gadaffi of Libya made a huge deposit of $18,472,000.00 (Eighteen Million, Four Hundred and Seventy - two Thousand United States Dollars) in my bank. This funds was supposed to be transferred abroad but due to an unknown reason, he didnt complete the transfer form and did not state any beneficiary to the funds.

Eversince then, he never said anything about the funds and when I tried to contact him, he always postponed the appointment to fill the transfer form because he was always out of town. Right now, he has been confirmed dead as stated in the news. Please click the link below to confirm:

Therefore, I seek your assistance to act as the beneficiary and receiver to the funds and I promise you 40% of the total sum. I have made all necessary arrangement and this is a risk free transaction that would not raise any eyebrows as the funds is placed in an account without a name and there is no beneficiary's name on it. Therefore, whoever is presented as the beneficiary would not be questioned.

All I require from you for this transaction is TRUST, because without trust we cannot complete this deal. Please send me the following information so that we can commence the transfer:

1. Your Full Name

2. Age

3. Address

4. Direct Phone Number / Cell Phone

Please observe utmost confidentiality, and believe that this transaction would be most profitable to the both of us because I shall require your assistance to invest my share in your country as soon as the funds arrive safely in your hands.

Please reply via my private email address:

Awaiting your reply Yours faithfully.

Mr. Kenneth Coleman


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