Wednesday, 26 March 2014 +448712346504 = Scam

Nokia Company Head Office International Dept; Berkley Square, London WIJ 6BD United Kingdom. Tel: Tel: +448712346504 Email Attention Beneficiary, This is to inform you, that your Email has won you a prize of (£500, 000.00) Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds from Nokia Company United Kingdom. Your Email Address were selected through a computer balloting system drawn from Nine hundred thousand emails from worldwide emails as part of our international promotions which is conducted annually, we have only six selected winners, which their email id are active online to be paid, and you are one of the Selected Winners. Stated below are your identification numbers: Ticket Winning Number: UK/0147X4/74 Reference Number: 1-800-6221 Serial Number: 8501-07 You?re required to fill in the below application form for claims 1. Full Name. 2. Address. 3. Country/State. 4. Mobile No. 5. Sex. 6. Age. 7. Occupation. 8. Email Id. 9. Your Bank Name. 10. Account Number. Please ensure that you send all the required details to this email to enable us respond to you on time without any delay, make sure you forward your complete details including bank details to for easy release of you winning prize and also a scan copy (4x4) passport size photograph. Best Regard?s Dr. Terry Cole Approve payment officer Telephone: +448712346504

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