Wednesday, 26 March 2014

COCA COLA LOTTERY +27611814362 = Scam

This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of One Million
United States Dollars ($1,000.000.00) for the month of
January 2014 Lottery promotion which is organized by COCA COLA
LOTTERY INC & co-sponsored by Honda Groups & Armani Designers.You are to contact the events manager.
Identification numbersatch number .CCA 09102XM:Reff number .CCA4839
Winning number .DTCCA0988

TO claim Contact: with your ref# "CCA4839" for more info Call +27611814362

1 comment:

  1. My name is Kevin, and I want to inform everyone in the whole wide world that, this fraud has misused and abused $2700 from my savings via Western Union!! This South African criminal has been creating alternate e-mail accounts to write to me about selling the car and sending over $8000 to him!!

    Am trying everything in my power to have a good future with the one I love so much, and she saved me and helped me to get out of all this trouble, but this South African fraudulent criminal is a dirty liar and a dead beat troll who came and crushed everything!!

    Am trying to find ways to get my $2700 return to me, so that I can set up the habitation I wish to share with my lovely girlfriend!!

    The e-mail addresses of this criminal are:-

    And the phone numbers he has dialled me from are:-


    And he also wrote to others telling them to remind me and make sure I sell the car for the $8000 and all of us are absolutely pissed off with this African idiot!!

    Do not respond to them and do not answer their calls, will only tell all of you to sell your cars for $8000 over some "card activation" fee!!

    Am waiting for some positive feedback on this!!