Monday, 20 August 2012

Italia-International. SUPERENALOTTO promotion Tel: +39-327-103-5539Direct Fax: +39-066-051-3355E-Mail: = Scam

Superena LottoAdmin.01 de Loter¨ªas y Apuestas del EstadoVia Del Silva, 17.00148 ROMA, ITALY, This is to inform you of the release of the Italia-International. SUPERENALOTTO promotion, held on the 18th Of August 2010, and your name and email attached to ticket number 025-111 with Serial number 2443-05, which drew the lucky numbers of 13-15-16-21-34-36, which consequently won in the 1st jackpot category . You are therefore approved for a lump sum payout of € 515,810.00 (FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED AND TEN EUROS ONLY) in cash accredited to file reference number: EG/069713160012, This is from a total cash prize of € 8,768,770.00 (EIGHT MILLION, SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EUROS ONLY) Shared among the seventeen international winners in this category. CONGRATULATIONS!All participants were selected through a computer ballot systems / shopping ticket-foils and traveling ticket-foils drawn from 25,000 Company names and individual names and email from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, America, Africa and North America as part of our annual-international promotional programs. We hope your lucky name and email will draw a bigger cash prize in the next high stake promotion agenda of €21,300,000.00 (TWENTY-ONE MILLION, THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND).To begin your claim, please contact the appropriate department, JEAN CLAUDIO BRENT foreign operations manager payment and release order department, CONSUL ITALIA S.p.A. on Tel: +39-327-103-5539, & Fax: +39-066-051-3355 for registration and processing of your winning prize money to a designated account of your choice. Complete the below payment processing form and return by fax to the appropriate dept.Claims Requirements:1.Name in full------------------------------------------2.Address--------------------------------------------3.Sex------------------------------------------------4.Nationality----------------------------------------5.Maritual Status---------------------------------------6.Age------------------------------------------------7.Next Of Kin-------------------------------------------8.Occupation-----------------------------------------9.Phone/Fax------------------------------------------10.Present Country--------------------------------------11.Winning Email Address:----------------------12.Scan Copy of identification Documents-----------.=====================================================Company: CONSUL ITALIA S.p.AContact Name: Jean Claudio Brent.{Esq} (Claim/Legal Operations Manager)Direct Tel: +39-327-103-5539Direct Fax: +39-066-051-3355E-Mail:, should there be any change of your address, do inform the office as soon as possible. Congratulation once again from all members of our staff and thank you for being part of our International promotion program. We wish you continued good fortunes.Yours SincerelyDott. Giorgio Sandi(COORDINATORE DE LA PROMOCIÓN) _________________

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