Thursday, 2 August 2012

2012 London Olympics Promotion Draws Tel : 00 44 703 174 2615 Fax : 00 44 703 174 2526 E-mail : = Scam

2012 London Olympics Promotion Draws Notice Attention: Dear Email Owner, This is to inform you that on going London 2012 summer Olympic awareness and promotion Committee and London 2012 summer Olympics Organizing Committee (LSOOC) here in London (U.K) has held an Internet Raffle Draw today among all internet email users around the globe and your email address was among the 10,000,000.00 (Ten million) email addresses that was randomly picked by the computer during the Second Quarter Raffle Draw in conjunction with Microsoft (SQRD). We are therefore with great pleasure to notify you that your email address happened to come out top number (6) out of the 10,000,000.00. (Ten million) email addresses on the final email ballot draw. Please note that this has made you the jackpot winner of £1,000,000.00 (One Million British Pounds Sterling Only) and free entrance tickets to watch the remaining games live in London. Participant's email addresses were sorted globally (Powered by Microsoft) from companies, individuals, Government's agencies, co-operate bodies, charity homes etc and computed "RANDOMLY" via E-sorting balloting to select respective winners around the globe. Be aware that this Internet Raffle Draw (IRD) was organized by London 2012 summer Olympic awareness and Promotion Company and London 2012 summer Olympics Organizing Committee (LSOOC) to create awareness to the world. BELOW ARE YOUR WINNING DETAILS, YOU ARE ALSO TO PROVIDE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION BELOW TO DR. OWEN WILSON FOR DOCUMENTATION. COMPUTER DRAW NUMBER: 177 FINAL JACKPOT NUMBER: 0001 WINNING INSURANCE POLICY NUMBER: JJA23UK REFERENCE NUMBER: EAASL/941OY1/04 BATCH NUMBER: 12/27/Du34 YOUR FULL NAME: COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: AGE: DIRECT CONTACT NUMBERS: Global Members of the ongoing 2012 London Olympic committee we also extend our thanks to the sponsors for being part of our awareness and promotional program. PRIZE CLAIM ASSISTANCE: Your Fund have be deposited with our correspondent Paying Bank (HSBC BANK LONDON) and insured with your name for security reasons you are advised to please keep your winning details very confidential from the members of the public to avoid double claim as your winning payment will be cancelled should Two (2) claims be submitted under the above specified winning details, This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming or unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements. Please note claiming offices have been appointed in strategic areas around the world to help and ensure an easy and immediate claim to our entire lucky winner's. We have checked your location and your claiming falls under group B. You are to call and forward you're winning details to Dr. Owen Wilson in London (The south-east corner of London) United Kingdom to enable him clear your file for immediate payment. Contact Person: Dr. Owen Wilson Tel : 00 44 703 174 2615 Fax : 00 44 703 174 2526 E-mail : Visit: Congratulation from DR. MEYER SMUT (Director )London 2012 summer Olympics Committee. All rights reserved. Terms of Service - Guideline Note-that this program is being sponsored by below listed U.K companies London 2012 Partners/ 2012 Summer Olympics ™ Sponsors)

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  1. i got one email from someone to confirm me that i have won 1 million pounds from Second Quarter Raffle Draw (SQRD)but i don't know it is true or not. could you tell me?