Tuesday, 14 October 2014

mrzamer.udda@yahoo.co.za = Scam

Dear Friend
I know this massage may come to you as a surprise.
Let me first introduce myself, I am Mr. Zamer Udda, am working with a construction company in Manchester City. Am an accounting manager in the company.
In 2001 Mr. Muhd  Rafi Idrus  joined the company, and before his death on the 2nd of July 2012 (He died of a car accident), he was at the level of operations manager. Mr. Idrus is a Malaysian citizen from Ampang, Selangor in Malaysia.
He was a very nice man, humble and calm. I met him in the company when I joined the company in 2007. From the little time we have worked together I knew him as a loving and caring man.
I came across the file of Mr. Idrus in February 2013. In his file I discovered that he has some good money deposited with a bank in Scotland amounting to the tune of 2.7m (Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling).

I tried to contact the bank on several occasions but I was advised to contact any of his family members in Malaysia (Wife, brother, sister, children or a Next of Kin to the funds) among this mentioned members of his direct family can only be allowed to claim the funds.
I have tried all my possible best to get to any member of his family or relatives but all to no avail since Mr. Idrus did not mention or leave a name or contact of any of his family members before his death.

During this search I now became close to the foreign remittance officer at the bank and he gave me an idea to get in contact with any trustworthy person in Asia whom we can work with as the Next of Kin to the above mentioned funds since Mr. Idrus did not leave any name for Next of Kin. According to him we can fill in the space for the Next of Kin to the funds with the name of the person from Malaysia and the funds will be transferred into your own bank account in Malaysia.
If you find this proposal interesting, then go ahead and read about the sharing rate:
40% of the total amount will be given to you for your help and support during the period of the transaction. 30% of the money will go to me and 30% for the officer that will help us with the transfer and documentations from the bank.

If you find this OK by you, then contact me on phone or reply this email and I will direct you on what to do as fast as possible Email: mrzamer.udda@yahoo.co.za


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