Tuesday, 14 October 2014

irsoffice@usa.com = Scam

Internal Revenue Service irsoffice@usa.com

Internal Revenue Service
915 Second Avenue, MS W180 Seattle,
WA 98174-0041.


Attention: Beneficiary

We issued a stop order to the transfer of your USD$1.800.000,00 (One Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which was transferred from the Barclays Bank on the 9th October 2014.We went through your payment file with Barclays Bank Plc and we discover that there were no document to show that you settled your NON-RESIDENT tax clearance fee to the said Fund transfer you are receiving from Barclays Bank hence we put a STOP the payment of the USD$1.800.000,00 (One Million Eight Hundred United States Dollars) in your name.

The NON-RESIDENT tax clearance fee must be paid,Non Resident Tax Clearance is a fee which is payable to the Revenue Service and a clearance certificate will be issued to you as NON-RESIDENT and i want you to understand that without this document being issued to you from there this office, the transfer of USD$1.800.000,00 (One Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) cannot be transfered to you. Respond immediately to receive your funds. Do also confirm your telephone number to this office for proper communication and guideline what should be done for the fund be released to you.

Note that the Government will ask for a require tax certificate before you receive your fund. To avoid charging you for tax evasion, it is most important that you pick up this fund immediately.

Reconfirm the following details;
Your full name

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Jerry Fowler
Executive Chairman 
Federal Board of Internal Revenue Service. 

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