Sunday, 22 July 2012

Euro Millions Lottry +601-027-225-49 = Scam

Congratulation, Your Email Adress Have Bruought You An Unexpected Lucky 1,350,000.00 Euro Millions Lottry. Please Contact Mrs. Sharon Lee Via Email ( ) Tel: +601-027-225-49


  1. i recieved a similar mail : (Your E-mail Id account have won you the sum of 1,550,952.00 Euros From the Euro Millions Lottery. Award E-mail Draw 2013 Edition, Kindly contact the Claims Department Manager for your claims email: with your details: Your Full Name,Address,Tel No,State,Age,Occupation,Country.)

  2. Due to the high occurrence of internet scams, i completely understand your skeptism. I wish to make certain issued clear to you.
    Be informed that the Euro Million Lottery Does NOT ask for money before releasing winnings to any winner. However, If a winner does not reside in the UK and wants his prize-money to be sent to him via Cheque Courier or Bank transfer, the courier company or the Transferring bank as the case may apply will demand for their service charges to be paid upfront.
    Understand that the charges you are being asked to pay now is for the courier of your winning cheque and other vital documents to be sent to you. If you prefer to come personally to the Euro Million Lottery office to receive your winnings, then you will not have to pay the courier charges. However, if you cannot come to the UK, you are obligated to pay these charges. I hope you understand that our courier company has to be paid for our services as we do not work for free. if you do not wish to see this process through, Kindly provide a letter of forfeiture to the British Lottery Affairs Commission. Note that a tracking number will be issue to you by us to track your parcel until it’s gets to your final destination.

    It is very important that we receive the fee prior to the courier of your winning package, as part of the fee will be used to cover the necessary courier charges, also included in the fee is the cost to cover insurance of documents that will be sent to you via courier.

    I will await you urgent response. Extend my greetings to your family.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Mr Ben Wong
    Processing Director