Monday, 16 July 2012


Dear Lucky Winner, This is to inform you that you have won prize money of Four Million Euro (€4,000,000.00) for this month prize promotion which is organize by FIFA in conjunction with POLAND & UKRAINE for the UEFA EURO 2012 CUP. Among the millions of subscribers to the Global Email Providers Data and Emails Draw, we select of million email addresses as part of the draw in which the winner are picked by a computer electronic balloting programmed system for the promotion, which was held in Poland & Ukraine. A person is selected monthly to benefit from this promotion which has been organized by FIFA-UEFA, as a relief Effort Programme “you are a winner” congratulations!! This promotion was drawn based on email address as the key form of identification for setting up an online account. All valid email address in the world wide web draw were selected randomly via computer balloting from a global collaboration with internet companies like Microsoft etc. Who also built their systems and based on their membership registration identity on email address supporting this computer draw system. Email address are draw from over 100,000 unions, associations and cooperate bodies and affiliated members to the national lottery website and their advertisers listed online. This online promotion takes place via virtual ticket balloting and it is done annually. You are requested to contact our agent and send your winning identification number to him. You will find your documentation form which requires your attention: DOCUMENTATION FORM Full Name: Address: Direct Telephone and Mobile Number: Sex: Age Occupation Ref Number: ASL/941OYI/02/SHYN Batch Number: HGL-14/28/0046 Ticket Number: 025-11464992-750 Winning Email: for security reason, you are advise to keep your winning information and announcement confidential till your claim is processed and your money remitted to you. Precautionary measures to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program are in place. Please Be Informed!!. To file your claims please contact our fiduciary agent and provide them with your winning email and details. UEFA Fiduciary Agents Mr. Bryan Parker Foreign Service Manager Email:

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