Saturday, 9 June 2012

Email Lottery Bonanza 2012 Telephone +226 79 499 743 Email: Email: = Scam

Dear Email User Congratulation your Email Address is among the ten winners of= 1,000.000.00 =80 One Million Euros from the UK National Lottery and AccuLotto= Joint Email Lottery Bonanza 2012. For more information visit the-uk Or contact Email Lottery Bonanza 2012 West African payment office No 7 kuba Close Quartier PATTE D'OIE Avenue France Afrique / Secteur 15 Ouaga Dougou Burkina Faso West Africa. Telephone +226 79 499 743 Email: Email: With your winning information below. File No: 002568/2012/05 WINNER REF: LP/20120510460037/12. BATCH: 20120064/00319/IPE PERSONAL DETAILS (1)YOUR FULL NAME: -------------------------- (2)CONTACT ADDRESS: ------------------------- (3)SEX: ---------------------------------------- (4)AGE: ----------------------------------------- (5)MARITAL STATUS : -------------------------- (6)OCCUPATION: ------------------------------- (7)NATIONALITY : ------------------------------ (8)PHONE NUMBER------------------------------ (9) SCAN COPY OF INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT OR NATIONAL ID CARD. For verification and immediate transfer of your winning funds. NB; for your security reasons you are advised to keep this matter= confidential till your winning fund is transferred into your bank account. Announcer Lloyds MacLaren On-line coordinator UK National Lottery and AccuLotto Joint Email Lottery Bonanza 2012

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