Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chevron Texaco Oil Company Mega Millions jackpot Award 2012 +4470457 94555 = Scam

Your E-mail has been selected to receive the sum of $850,000.00USD from Chevron Texaco Oil Company Mega Millions jackpot Award 2012. Verification Number CT-222-6747,FGN/P-900-56. Claims Officer: Dr. Paul Johnson Tell: +4470457 94555 Provide the information below: 1.Full Names:.... 2.Address:.........3.Sex and Age:............ 4.Country:.............5.Occupation:.......... 6.Phone no:........ 7.International Passport or ID card You will be contacted by Claims Manager in the next 24hours as soon as you forward your required claims information for verifications. Thanks, Sharon Johnson. Promo Announcer

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    Contact our claims division for your fund remittance.

    Claims Requirements:

    1. Full Name:_____________________
    2. Address:_____________________
    3. Nationality:___________Sex:________
    4. Age:________Date of Birth:___________
    5. Occupation:_________Martial Status_________
    6. Cell Phone:___________Fax:___________
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    Is it true that I won Sweepstakes Qatar Airways.
    I've sent a reply as requested.
    whether money was already in Indonesia.
    This the data is sent to me.
    Name of Recipent
    Siti Andalika
    Siti Andalika
    Siti Andalika

    Date & Time:

    Current Country Location:
    Doha Qatar
    Abd Dubai

    Parcel Status:
    Departed Qatar
    Arrived Dubai
    Arrived Indonesia
    Whether it's true, I'm in contact message through my phone, I just wondered why asked for money for Clearance charge, before delivery to my place.
    I want proof first Safety Box Contain right there, then I will pay Clearance.
    Please understand.

    My respects to you.