Friday, 16 January 2015

+234 815 223 3438 = Scam

From: The Desk of Mr. Ade Adebiyi.
Executive Manager Foreign Credit Operation
635 Akin Adesola,
Victoria Island,
Lagos State.

Our Ref: WB/NF/UN/XX014
Attn:Dear Beneficiary,


I am Mr. Ade Adebiyi, the Executive Manager Foreign Credit Operations and Head of Financial services unit of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. Lagos.Sometime ago, in our bank your winning stake fund was brought to our bank from National Lotto Group here in England and after some period, the money was taken back to their treasury. But for the period of time this money was in our bank, it generated an interest of US$800,000.00 which we are about to pay you.

For your information and advice, you need to hasten up to pick this Fund because from time to time the National/Federal auditors do come to our bank to cross-check our files and our financial update, the earlier you comply with the demands of the payment of the fund, the faster the action, because when the auditors arrive and find out that this interest fund is
still in our bank they will call back the accrued interest to the treasury account.

However we ought to have made this payment earlier and transfer your fund into your account but the most disturbing scenario that needs your clarification is the demand payment Notice we received from Mr Alex Cheng of Indo china group, therefore please you are urgently required to clarify the following to enable us pay to the appropriate person.
1.Did you broker the amount to one Mr. Alex Cheng, of Indo-China Group Ltd. Hong Kong to receive the payment on your behalf.
2.Did you sign any “Deed of Assignment” in his favor, thereby making him the current beneficiary of your interest amount of us$800,000.00 (Stamped Agreement)
3.By the alleged “Transaction” between you and Mr. Alex Cheng, is it in agreement between both of you that payment should be directed to account as stated below; account name: Indo-China Group Ltd. A/C No: 114-102-5567-8; Swift Code: SCBLHKHH and Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank, 138,141, 1st Floor, Edingburgh Tower, the Landmark, 15 Queens Road, Central Hong Kong.

With the above information and the need to know the truth i was compelled to contact you or any of your relatives with the information at my disposal in order to make sure that your interest amount was rightly paid, therefore be advised to get back to this office immediately clarifying to us if you did broker an agreement with Mr Alex Cheng which automatically makes him the beneficiary of the interest amount instead of you.

Finally you are required to send to us also a copy of your id card for example;your International passport or your driver license, your telephone and fax numbers for easy communication to you with your contact address.
As a matter of fact we don't have enough time to waste since we have wasted time in trying to contact you , so try and comply with the entire necessary requirement for the transaction to be completed and if we fail to hear from you within 5 banking days we will assume that you did transfer your ownership to Mr Alex cheng and we will have no other option than to pay him the accrued interest amount of us$800,000.00 without delay.

We look forward to your swift response.

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Ade Adebiyi
Executive Director and Head of Retails
Division of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Call: +234 815 223 3438

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