Wednesday, 15 May 2013

online Heritage lottery = Scam


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your email address has won in the second category of online Heritage lottery Programme.

This is an Internet Game in which e-mail addresses were used randomly to select winners.
You did not purchase any ticket to enter for it, as an internet user your email address was randomly selected
and you are one of the 10 Selected lucky Winners worldwide.
Winning No: 28 17 23 1 14 48, Ref Number: K19M7J8BSS4T5SP Batch Number Z1A/Y3L.
The numbers fall within the American,European & Australian Location file, AMOUNT WON:£5,500,000.00.

For further info please Contact Mr. Morgan Richmond with your winning details.

Yours Truly,
Dr. Margaret Hoffman
Online Heritage Lottery Coordinator

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