Saturday, 13 April 2013 Patricia James = Scam


How are you doing?I really do want to learn more about you of course i would love to become a close good friend of to this online thing, but here is a bit of myself....I want you to know that i was adopted by my late father. Now i single without no family.
Am 30 Yrs old,single and looking for my right man to be with forever.Height: 5'3",Weight: 105,Hair: Brown,Bust: 34c,Eyes: Blue,Waist: 24,Hips: 34,Shoe: 6.5,Dress: 1,Pant: 1 ) My late dad works with Oil Contractors and i use to be my late dads PA, Personal Auditor to is company. Due to some reason i dont work for him due to his death and his family stop me from working for his company anymore and they took over my access and asset....
I don't know whom this will be, but I'm ready not like i am desperate but i do need a man that is kind, sweet, strong,caring and honest. Someone that will work hard for what he wants; someone that won't be scared to be reborn from the ashes and build a new and better life; someone that doesn't run when love appears at his door.A man, a child at heart, someone that likes to smile, play, live life to his fullest, and love and respect himself and family. A strong and gentle man that I can be proud to call him my man, my companion, my friend, my lover. 

I want a person that I can talk to without words,that I can let myself go and feel protected and cherished I am not ready for any head games as i am tried of been deceived.I need a straight forward man that would understand me and also listen to me so we can talk things out and sort it our way.... I'm looking for a serious relationship with someone special who can help make each day special,I have learn t to leave a very careful life and also been honest because i figured life is to short for any kind of dishonesty.
I love to swim,listen to good music,i just enjoy outdoor generally like hunting,camping,fishing,boating and hiking.There is nothing so special about me.I am just a simple lady that loves everything about life...I am simply looking for a well mannered man,caring, loving, trustworthy and easy going he should also be understanding.Honesty matters to me a lot,I believe before a good friendship is earned it requires a lot of trust.
Divorce,No kids as well hoping to have my one day...I consider myself well mannered and open minded,easy going and very affectionate have been told that I am an extremely passionate person that has a magnetic personality .Well i long to have a best friend again .seems that's hard to find this days...I enjoy late night talks and believes Waking up in the middle of the night and knowing you can roll over and hug someone during a thunderstorm is the best!!!!.I also enjoy the finer things in life, restaurants, theater, opera, the you ??


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