Tuesday, 23 October 2012

+855979090112 vannchannylegallawfirm@aol.com = Scam

Hello, How are you are doing today? Hope you are fine. I am Mrs. Grace Vandy CEO, of Khmer Kitchen Republic Home. I was diagnosed for cancer eight yrs ago, from my doctor recent report I will be undergoing another operation in due time and i pray that i survive it. I have ask God to have mercy and forgive my sins and I believe he has because he is a merciful God. I have been touched to Will/Donate $6,652.000.00USD to you for good work setting up an organization for helping the less privileged, widows, homeless etc. I have informed my attorney about my decision willing you the money for a purpose. If you are interested kindly contact my Attorney Mr. Vann Channy E-mail: vannchannylegallawfirm@aol.com his Phone no: +855979090112 state my (Ref No: H20/KZE/Q195} to him, so that he can start making arrangement for the release of the $6,652,000.00US Dollars in my Bank account to you. Thank you for your understanding. Yours faithfully, Mrs. Grace Vandy (CEO)

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