Thursday, 6 September 2012

COCA COLA ONLINE PROMOTION Tel: +44 7017556276. Fax: +447014240364 TELL : +447017556276  +447017556276 = Scam

COCA-COLA CENTRE, LONDON 30/ 32 POOL STREET CARNARVON LIVERPOOL LL55 2AS UNITED, Dear Winner, This award is legitimate from COCA COLA COMPANY ENGLAND; Your Email was luckily drawn by a computer balloting system as one of our winners in our Online lottery bonanza from the prestigious COCA COLA ONLINE PROMOTION. Thus, making you the winner of the sum of 700,000.00GBP (Seven Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling’s). This is to let you know that this online world e-mail draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 25,000 company e-mail addresses, 30,000,00 individual e-mail addresses from over 40 networks and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer selection from the web. Please complete the form below with correct information and email back to us with a return email so that we can have a precise and comprehensive record of our winners and also provide you On how you will receive your winning amount. Your prize cheque has been vaulted safely with our corresponding Bank prior to your readiness to complete your claims and would be presented to you after verification of the data requested below. To proceed with your claims, you would be required to fill the Verification Form below completely and return back to us immediately. IMPORTANT: Warning: You are expected to keep information relating to your award private until payment is processed and received, this is to avoid having your mailbox hacked by any of the persons to whom you disclosed it and using the information obtained to attempt to impersonate you and to fraudulently collect your award fund. Controversial claim will lead to disqualification. Be warned! Fill Out This Form 1. Full Names: 2. Your Full Address: 3. Your Age: 4. Your country: 5. Your Country of resident: 6. Your City: 7. Your Occupation: 8. Sex: 9.Married 10.Winning Email Address: 11. Your Mobile Number: DECLARATION: _ HEREBY DECLARE THAT THE ABOVE DATA ARE TRUE. THAT MY CLAIMS AGENT SHALL ACT AS A FACILITATOR IN THE TRANSFER OF THE TOTAL FUND TO ME. DATE ___________ (YOUR FULLNAMES _ __________________ Congratulations once again from the entire staff of the COCA COLA PROMO TEAM ENGLAND.  BATCH/REFERENCE NO: C.C.UK/ 004412011. DR. PAUL WIGMORE EVENT MANAGER. United Kingdom Tel: +44 7017556276. Fax: +447014240364 CLAIM AGENT NAME DR. PAUL WIGMORE EMAIL: TELL : +447017556276  +447017556276 LOTTERY SPONSORS:  From The Coca Cola Company Promo. Kindly Contact Your Claims Agent Dr. Ferguson Andrew Through This Email: Claim Your (£700,000.00 GBP) Seven Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Now.

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