Wednesday, 4 December 2013

2013 NETWORK LOTTERY PROMOTION +27 61 043 5375 = Scam

O2 - 2013, Network Promotions
#:23, Dine Road, SK, Canada S7N4V8
Batch No: O2-Lotto /49
Dear Email Client/User,
Attention Lucky Winner,
The 2013 Network Promotion (02) in Conjunction with the South
African National Lottery Board and Gmail happily announce to you
that your e -mail address have won our computer balloting
program, You have therefore been approved for a lump payout of
$1, 000,000.00 (One Million United States Dollars Only)
Payable in cash credited to File Ref NO:-UNG23711,Batch NO: 945-
184 with Ticket NO: 211-194, draw the Lucky NO: 01 14 21 30 35
All participants were selected through our Online Computer
Balloting System drawn from a collection of Frequent Internet
email users all over the World. NO TICKETS WERE SOLD. Simply
contact our Fiduciary Claim Agent whom will immediately commence
the process to facilitate the release of your winning
Price money.
Agent Name: Dr Peter Psalme
Tel: +27 61 043 5375
Give your agent this Info
1) Your full names:
2) Your address:
3) Telephone and Fax number
(4} Your Occupation:
5} Your Reference Number.
Congratulations!!! And always keep your winning information
Confidential to avoid Double Claim.
Mrs Susan Vanstaden

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